A Sympl path to blood
pressure control

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Patient Benefits

  • Medications and automatic refills shipped directly to your home
  • Free BP monitoring device
  • Eliminate reimbursement hassles
  • Share results with your physician in real time
  • Easy access to customer service and pharmacy support

Your first month is free

Your low monthly fee ensures you easy access to any of these commonly prescribed:

  • ACEi: (e.g. lisinopril)
  • Beta Blocker (e.g. atenolol)
  • Calcium Channel Blocker (e.g. amlodipine)
  • Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (e.g. valsartan)
  • Diuretic (e.g. hydrochlorothiazide)

All for less than a typical co-pay…

Less than $20 a month for up to 4 of your medications.

Did your physician prescribe Prestalia®?

If you prefer to fill your prescription at your own pharmacy, then use the Prestalia® co-pay card for savings on your medicine. Also, ask your physician or call our Call Center to request a voucher for savings on an Omron® blood pressure monitor.